Beverage industry: Formula Water, Production Water, Washing Water

Agricultural Irrigation: Farm Water and Irrigation

Ocean Engineering: Oil Drilling Platform

Chemical industry: production water, wastewater treatment;

Drinking Water Projects: Ultrapure Water Treatment Plant,Drinking Water Purification

Island Water Usgae:Water for Production and Living in Island Areas, Coastal Water-deficient Areas

Marine Seawater Desalination : Desalination Seawater for Ship Drinking and Domestic Usage

Power Plant : Boiler Make-up Water, Cooling Water,Deaeration Water, Demineralized Water, Boiler Water Softening, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Process Water, Preparation Water, Washing Water,Injection Water,Injections, Tablets, Biochemical Products, Sterile Water Equipment

Electronics Industry: Ultrapure Water for Semiconductor Industry, Integrated Circuit Cleaning Water, Formula Water, and Other Electronic Components Flushing, etc.,

Petrochemical Industry: advanced treatment of oilfield injection water,
circulating water, petrochemical wastewater, and sewage

Environmental Protection Field: The Recovery of Precious Metals and Water in Electroplating Rinsing Water to Achieve Zero or Micro- Emission