Project Description

Anaerobic : Anaerobic treatment is the use of anaerobic bacteria to remove organic matter in wastewater, which usually takes a long time. The anaerobic process can be divided into hydrolysis stage, acidification stage and methanation stage.

Anoxic : Anoxic pool is to create an anoxic environment (dissolved oxygen is less than 0.5), which is conducive to the growth of anoxic microorganisms. Its role is to adsorb and degrade organic matter by activated sludge. Usually the nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen in the refluxing mixture are released under the action of denitrifying bacteria to generate nitrogen

Aerobic Tank: The function of the aerobic tank is to allow the activated sludge to perform aerobic respiration and further decompose organic matter into inorganic matter. The function of removing contaminants. To run well is to control the oxygen content and other requirements of the microorganisms, so that the microorganisms can carry out aerobic respiration with the greatest benefit.