Project Description

Raw Water: TDS≤100000mg/L

Output Water Quality:TDS≤200mg/L or as request

Recovery Rate:20%~70%(According to the raw water quality)

Adapted Water Temperature:5.0~45.0°C

1.Energy recycle system.
2.Solar/wind power supply.
3.Remote or cable control.
4.Containerized equipment.
5.Modularized equipment.

1.Raw WaterPump: Equipped with fluoroplastics/SS316 pump, to provide sufficient pressure for subsequent filtration.
2.Multimedia filter: Mainly to remove turbidity, which is used to filter out large particles and suspended solids in raw water.
3. Precision filter: Further filtration, protection of reverse osmosis membrane.
4. High pressure pump: Provide enough pressure for reverse osmosis system.
5. Reverse osmosis system: The core part of pure water equipment, the production of high-purify water.