Project Description

Air flotation technology is widely used for drainage and wastewater treatment,can remove the frivolous floc which difficult to precipitation and emulsified oil effectively.The characteristics of  DAF is compact structure,easy installation and operation,high treatment efficiency and low energy consumption,etc.

The applicable raw water requirement:the pollutant proportion are closed to water in waste water、the tiny suspended solids and grease which difficult to precipitation.

Removal Efficieny: Solubility COD removal rate ≥50%

Inflow water request of grease ≤150mg/l,Output water≤15mg/l

Performance Specification: Temperature: 5°C ~ 30°C


Alcohol Wastewater30303070
Pulping Wastewater
Printing and Dyeing Wastewater40303070
Chemical Industry Wastewater4030
Cooking Oil Wastewater3085
Pulping Wastewater3085
Tannery Wastewater3085