Project Description

Ultrafiltration equipment is widely used in water purification, mainly separating organic macromolecular substances, colloids, ultrafine particles, bacteria, etc., and has very good effects on deep turbidity reduction, clarification, sterilization and concentration of macromolecular substances. After the water passes through the hollow ultrafiltration device, all the impurities, colloids, phenolic compounds, chlorides, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water can be removed, and various beneficial minerals in the water can be retained in the water. It is also used in reverse osmosis water production system to protect RO membrane, improve water quality and increase water production.

  1. The pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane is between 0.002-0.01μm, and the general colloid volume is greater than 0.1μm, latex is greater than 0.1μm, the volume of bacteria such as coliform and staphylococcus is greater than 0.2μm, and the volume of suspended matter and microion is greater than 5μm, so the ultra The filter membrane can filter out bacteria, colloids, suspended solids, proteins and other macromolecular substances in the solution.
  2. It can effectively filter out 99.99% of harmful substances such as colloids, bacteria and suspended solids in the water.
  3. Strong anti-pollution and anti-oxidation ability, allowing long-term exposure to a free chlorine environment with a concentration of 5ppm (mg/L).
  1. Ultrafiltration technology can achieve the purpose of solution purification, separation and concentration. It is an efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving separation process
  2. Use lower pressure as the driving force to separate particles according to molecular weight, such as the preparation of pure water and mineral water, and the recycling and utilization of industrial water
  3. The ultrafiltration separation process is carried out at a temperature near room temperature, low energy consumption, no phase change, and has its unique promotion and application value in food processing, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and other fields
  4. The scale and processing capacity of the ultrafiltration process have a wide range of adaptations, and the equipment has a compact structure, which is easy to inherit from other separation units and realize automatic control.